Building STEM Schools in California: Helping Our Students Succeed

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STEM pic Citing a lack of American-trained scientists and engineers, the federal government has made the teaching of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) a priority. Several STEM programs and schools have opened in California.
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Citing a shortfall of American-trained engineers and scientists, the Obama Administration has made it a priority for schools to better teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to students. In response, entrepreneurs, community leaders, K-12 public schools, private schools, and charter schools have begun developing innovative programs in existing schools, in addition to building so-called STEM schools from the ground up.

The “Semi-Private” Public School: How California Schools Are Raising Private Money to Stay Afloat

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public school California schools have led the nation in using private funding to support programs and facilities. Although the issue of using private funding to support public education can be controversial, districts have several fundraising options.
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By now, you have probably heard that Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg famously donated $100 million to schools in gritty Newark, New Jersey. He recently followed that up with a pledge to contribute $120 million to California schools in the Bay area.

While these massive donations got lots of news coverage, a lesser-known story in California is just as telling of how common private donations have become for public schools.