What Does the 21st Century School Look Like?

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21st Century classroom pic Opinions vary widely on what the 21st Century School should look like. It all depends on the school’s vision.
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In Washington, D.C., a school district recently took what it felt was the fastest route to get the word out to students that it was now acceptable for them to bring their smartphones to class: the school district tweeted them. The district ended an all-out ban on mobile devices in the classroom in 23 high schools. Why fight against the current of the times? After all, their kids and most kids who attend a 21st Century school surf the Internet on their phones to discover what’s going on. Just as the blackboard went out of fashion, so too should this idea that students should leave potential learning tools in the locker. Or so the district believes.

Locating Your Charter School: Finding the Right Fit

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school protests Charter schools have drawn protests around the country when they co-locate with public schools in the same building, as with this one in Manhattan. Fortunately, charter schools have several options to obtain private facilities in California.
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California has more than 1,000 charter schools, the most in the country. As the popularity of these independent, taxpayer-funded schools has grown, so too has the controversy over providing them with classrooms and facilities.