September 30, 2015 / Published in Faith-Based
When you imagine a house of worship, what comes to mind? Cathedral ceilings? Stained glass windows adorned with religious imagery? Altars laden with incense and candles? How about a drive-in movie theater? Yes, as strange as it sounds, the world seems to be moving away from the requirement that religious worship take place only in
August 19, 2015 / Published in Faith-Based
Closing a ministry and selling a church property is one of the most difficult experiences a congregation will ever face. The congregation of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of San Lorenzo decided it was time to sell the church property at 15661 Washington Avenue in San Lorenzo, California, and use the proceeds of the
May 25, 2015 / Published in Faith-Based
Some churches have to decide between building a new church or buying a preexisting building for their permanent home. Both paths can make sense. Credit: Flickr CC user Rick Camacho A couple of years ago, a church in Clayton, California, announced to its members that it was moving out of its downtown building. They had
May 22, 2015 / Published in Faith-Based
People have restored and repurposed old churches across the country. You never know what stories an old church can tell. Credit: Flickr CC user Want2Know Churches used to be the cornerstone of a growing town. Oftentimes, they are the oldest buildings in a community, and the setting of a city’s most famous moments. These seemingly
May 13, 2015 / Published in Faith-Based
A converted church can be a great place for a house, and a great way to preserve your parish legacy. Image from Wikimedia Historically, conversions have been a pretty big source of trouble when it comes to churches. Martin Luther didn’t convert, per se, but a lot of people converted after him, and that caused
March 27, 2015 / Published in Faith-Based
Churches may not have money machines on hand when times get tough, but some churches have found the next best thing. Image source: Flickr CC user Images of Money It would nice if America’s churches had money machines on hand to spit out cash when times get tough. For some churches, times have gotten especially
March 13, 2015 / Published in Education, Faith-Based
Schools are becoming a popular option for churches looking for a temporary or semi-permanent location. However, sometimes these moves can be controversial. Across the country, public schools are letting churches move into their buildings, unpack trailers filled with portable sanctuaries, and convert gyms and auditoriums into worship centers for the day. A new church that
While the improving times could give churches and nonprofits more opportunities, they also have more opportunities for mistakes. Image source: Flickr CC user MarkMoz12 After weathering one of the nation’s harshest downturns, churches and nonprofits have some reasons to be optimistic about the current economic climate. The U.S. economy added another 295,000 jobs in February
February 27, 2015 / Published in Faith-Based
As credit loosens, churches will have more options to borrow money for building projects. The question is, should they? Image source: Flickr CC user susieq3c Across the U.S., banks and lenders are loaning money again, giving churches the chance to borrow money for buildings and expansions. After one of the worst foreclosure crises in the
February 16, 2015 / Published in Faith-Based
The next time you pass a church, look up and take a closer look at its steeple. There is a reasonably good chance it’s a cell phone tower. Churches have been loading wireless antennas on their steeples, bell towers, and spires, and also on rooftop crosses, trees, and billboard signs on the property. In some
February 2, 2015 / Published in Faith-Based
New churches often get started in temporary facilities, such as schools, auditoriums, and even office buildings. A church can use its time in a temporary home to get on firm financial footing and develop a facilities plan.
January 21, 2015 / Published in Faith-Based
Church designs range from the traditional to the modern, and the only ‘right’ church design for the 21st Century is the one that best reflects the mission and personality of the church. Image source: Flickr CC user Laurelville Memorial Church Center At a time when many churches are struggling with attendance and members are aging,