July 10, 2017 / Published in Faith-Based
Whether you’re just starting a ministry or your church’s congregation has outgrown its building, it’s likely that you’ve had to take on an unusual new role: real estate expert. Although faith leaders understand how to preach effectively and build a community of believers, not many are equipped with the knowledge to buy church property. From
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June 12, 2017 / Published in Faith-Based
Churches, religious orders and faith-based organizations are indispensable to any close-knit community, which makes real estate questions even more complex. Whether your congregation needs to sell its building because the church is closing, growing or pursuing a more sustainable ministry model, there are certain steps you should go through when selling large, specialized buildings. Although
Centerville Presbyterian Church has been rooted in Fremont, California, for more than 150 years. But the director of contemporary worship lives in Tracy, California, and the children’s director lives in Pleasanton, California. Like many other churches throughout California, Centerville Presbyterian Church (CPC) is facing the very real and growing challenge of offering affordable housing for
Join Angie Williams, Senior Project Manager in Development Services, and DCG founder Landis Graden on Thursday, May 11th for this can’t miss session. This complimentary webinar will equip you with valuable information that will help position you to make wise decisions about the future. DCG will be joined by Pastor Greg Roth of Centerville Presbyterian Church and
Two articles this past week highlight some positive news about leaders in San Francisco’s business and faith communities stepping up to be a meaningful part of a solution to the housing crisis in the city.  Unfortunately they also expose the resistance that continues to face efforts aimed at solving this massive problem. It was announced
Join Rev. Mary Allman-Boyle and DCG co-founder Dominic Dutra on Tuesday, July 26 for this can’t miss session to equip you with valuable information that will help position you to make wise decisions about the future. Frame Your Future: Learn How Church Leaders Use Real Estate As A Resource To Multiply Their Ministry During this complimentary
Expanded Capabilities to Help More Missions and Ministries through Wise Use of Real Estate and Deployment of Resources June 9, 2016 (Dublin, CA) – Dutra Cerro Graden, Inc (DCG) announced today that Rev. Mary Allman-Boyle has joined the company to further develop their growing portfolio of West Coast advisory services for churches, seminaries and other faith-based
California has long been considered the “land of opportunity” and certainly with land values having appreciated over 3000% since 1975, there has been a windfall of financial opportunity for property owners and investors — yet there is a significant downside to this story. Across the state are stories of those who have been impacted by
March 4, 2016 / Published in Faith-Based
A timely article from Church Law and Tax, and one that echoes sentiments of many faith leaders we meet with. “We leave seminary with an understanding of a theology of stewardship, but how do we translate that into income-and-expense sheets?” – and more specifically as it relates to the significant assets many are sitting on in states with
November 13, 2015 / Published in Faith-Based
Real estate sales are never simple, particularly for church leaders and faith-based organizations that lack the knowledge of exactly what goes into a real estate transaction. Let’s review 3 of the biggest mistakes that community leaders can make after deciding to put their church building on the market. 1. Forgoing Consultation/Advising With how volatile the
October 14, 2015 / Published in Faith-Based
Many churches built years ago in what are now prime real estate markets are coming under increased pressure to sell their buildings and real estate as their congregations age and shrink in size. In some cases, parishioners and church leaders work together to find an acceptable deal and new space, but in other instances church leadership
October 14, 2015 / Published in Education, Faith-Based
The In Trust Center for Theological Schools recently interviewed Steffani Kizziar, president of faith-based services at DCG Real Estate, for its in-depth article on addressing deferred maintenance at theological schools. Due to tight budgets and a number of competing priorities, building maintenance at theological schools across the country has been put on the back burner,