January 14, 2019 / Published in Faith-Based
One for-profit business selling property to another is straightforward, as is one nonprofit organization selling a property to another. But what about a husband and wife who want to sell a rental property so that it sustains them in retirement but also want to ensure that the property continues to do good in the community?
December 10, 2018 / Published in Faith-Based
American churches are finding that their buildings are no longer the community social landmark they once were. A decrease in faith is partially to blame; the percentage of adults who identify as Christian dropped from 78.4% in 2008 to 70.6% in the latest Pew survey. The greatest decline can be seen in mainline Protestant churches
November 26, 2018 / Published in Faith-Based
On average, cars spend 95 percent of the day parked, doing nothing. That’s a big part of why Uber has taken off. It gives drivers the opportunity to put those wasted hours to use. Think about your church building. On average, how often is it used? On Sundays, for sure, and maybe Wednesday nights. But
October 18, 2018 / Published in Faith-Based
Correcting out-of-date and inaccurate property titles isn’t on the top of many to-do lists, but the consequences of ignoring them could prove dramatic, especially if the congregation decides to sell the property. The best way to avoid any property title pitfalls is to pull a preliminary title report. The report contains a host of information,
September 18, 2018 / Published in Faith-Based
In 2015, when Resonate Church moved its Sunday services to the American High School gymnasium in Fremont, California, church leaders already knew they couldn’t stay there long. The gym was big enough for the church’s growing membership, but it came with many downsides. Every Sunday morning, 50 volunteers spent 90 minutes setting up for service:
September 17, 2018 / Published in Faith-Based
Nothing causes anxiety quite like an expensive emergency repair. However, most “emergencies” are a lot more preventable than you may think. It’s true that you can’t avoid your church building’s roof, foundation, plumbing and electrical systems from ever failing. But you can anticipate those failures, plan for them and address problems in their infancy before
DCG Strategies is proud to announce that our CEO, Landis Graden, will have the privilege of speaking at the 2018 Kingdom & Community Development Conference in Pasadena. This conference will focus on how to equip church leaders for effective community outreach and ministry. The conference host, The Urban Outreach Foundation, specializes in strengthening local churches
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September 7, 2018 / Published in Faith-Based
Churches of different sizes have very different property needs. Some congregations love and serve their communities with a steeple and pews. Others need kitchen space, classroom space and seating for 800 people. These buildings don’t come off the rack. Finding a space big enough for a large congregation presents unique challenges in the property-buying process
Managing a church’s assets, including its parsonage and other real estate properties, is all about stewardship — making sure every dollar spent maximizes the work of the church. Thinking strategically about how your real estate assets can further your community mission, both now and in the future, is an exercise every congregation should go through
Centerville Presbyterian Church (“Centerville”) is similar to many other churches throughout California, facing the very real and growing challenge of affordable housing for key staff (youth , music, associate and other pastors and administrative staff). The church begun to realize that it could no longer sit passively while their staff endured a daily commute of
DCG Strategies is excited to announce we are included in the speaker lineup for the 2018 Kingdom & Community Development Conference. The Kingdom & Community Development Conference centers on community development and brings together a select group of leaders and participants to gain insight into best practices, models, and strategies for economic and community development. This
January 22, 2018 / Published in Faith-Based
If you are a congregation leader interested in developing your property to share and grow your ministry programs with the community, start with the first, second and third part of this series. So you’ve brought the vision for your church property from concept to completion. Now what? The final phase of the development process is