June 1, 2015 / Published in Education
Students at community colleges can now learn from anywhere at anytime, providing real estate opportunities for the institutions. Image from Wikimedia Commons. The phrase community college is one of those dyads we take for granted, not really thinking much about what it means. It is a signifier for a smaller, usually non-residential school with unconventional hours made up of non-traditional students. But its real importance comes when you take the two words apart and focus on the community side. A community college is a place that is both part of and an aid to the community. It draws regionally, from neighbors and coworkers, and its life comes from the strength of the community.
May 27, 2015 / Published in Education
Schools have a lot of options when they need space. One of them is buying and converting an old building. Credit: Flickr CC user US Department of Education Occasionally schools have to close, leaving large, empty buildings in their wake. People have frequently found interesting ways to repurpose them, turning the old buildings into community
May 1, 2015 / Published in Education
Certain school projects really get people’s attention, and we are not talking about building new classrooms or labs. Auditoriums, ball fields, and high school stadiums tend to get people off their couches and out to the school board meeting. This is especially true with another kind of a project: a pool. There’s no doubt that
April 15, 2015 / Published in Education
An old school can become a blight or an opportunity. Districts must first make the hard decision to dispose of them. Credit: Flickr CC user alamosbasement The decision to close a school is never an easy one. People tend to be passionate about their old school buildings; they have fond memories of gathering around their
April 13, 2015 / Published in Education
The California Community College system is considered one of the best in the world, but even they can use help in finding ways to improve vocational training. Image source: Wikimedia Commons In California, we have a unique relationship with our community college system. Considered perhaps the premiere system in the country, California Community Colleges (CCC)
March 23, 2015 / Published in Education
The one-room schoolhouse was solid and wonderful, but it was the opposite of the flexible grid style schools needed for the future. Image source: Wikimedia Commons user Bilertl Demographics often mimic a slow tide, coming in gradually and making incremental and predictable changes. Eventually, everything is different and where you were once sitting is now
March 13, 2015 / Published in Education, Faith-Based
Schools are becoming a popular option for churches looking for a temporary or semi-permanent location. However, sometimes these moves can be controversial. Across the country, public schools are letting churches move into their buildings, unpack trailers filled with portable sanctuaries, and convert gyms and auditoriums into worship centers for the day. A new church that
March 9, 2015 / Published in Education
Music and art classes are usually the first things to go in times of budget cuts. Image from Wikimedia Commons. Most people have fond, if slightly embarrassing, memories of extracurricular activities. Whether it was learning to play the French horn in grade school band, publishing that hard-hitting expose on the price of fish sticks for
March 4, 2015 / Published in Education
Portable classrooms have long been used as a quick fix for overcrowding. As technology has advanced, however, schools are using modular buildings in place of traditional buildings. Image source: Flickr CC user TownePost Network People often think of portable classrooms as an unfortunate temporary solution to overcrowding in schools: quick and cheap, but far from
February 13, 2015 / Published in Education
Are school libraries becoming outdated and old-fashioned? Image source: Wikimedia Commons Schools are bound by their physical space. Sometimes they can expand but, more often than not, they are forced to contract. Expanding can be very difficult even in the best of times. After all, most schools are firmly ensconced in a community and there
February 12, 2015 / Published in Company Updates, Education
Dutra Cerro Graden is proud to announce that once again, we are partnering with School Services of California to present workshops that provide important information on asset management for California school districts in April 2015. The workshops are designed for districts that have surplus property or a need for additional property. Topics covered include: Assessment–First
February 4, 2015 / Published in Education
In some schools, traditional computer labs are going obsolete or being repurposed. Image source: Flickr CC user woodley waterworks Once upon a time, the school computer lab was the ‘it’ place to be at school. Kids were privileged to enter a magical room filled with bubble-shaped computer screens and tall terminal towers, and a new