DCG Strategies, a Bay Area-based real estate firm with a distinct mission to serve California’s community-benefit organizations, announces the addition of two members to its expanding leadership team: Ross White, Vice President of Brokerage Operations, and Cort Gross, Affordable Housing & Financial Services. As VP of Brokerage Operations, White will oversee the company’s corporate brokerage
One of California’s most recent bills has been given the green light to boost teacher housing projects in the state. Workforce housing has previously been excluded from low-income housing tax credits due to strict equal housing laws, but AB 3308 loosens those restrictions for developments built on school district-owned land. The bill, which received bipartisan
June 25, 2020 / Published in Faith-Based
During the past few weeks of social distancing, we as a society have been learning that community is more important than ever. Staying connected and checking in on one another via phone or online can help limit the anxiety and depression associated with isolation. For religious communities, virtual worship and group activities can keep everyone
June 24, 2020 / Published in Education
Officials in California recently announced a $54 billion deficit due to the economic impact of COVID-19. The mandated shutdown of many businesses has taken a huge toll on the state’s ability to generate funds, and additional costs from pandemic-related programs have further depleted reserves. Though California started the year with a large surplus of funds,
church maintenance to keep it functioning
May 28, 2020 / Published in Faith-Based
Organized church maintenance is necessary to ensure the longevity of your church building and prevent the damage that long-term neglect can cause.
April 16, 2020 / Published in Faith-Based
Churches and other religious organizations are sitting on some of the most coveted social purpose real estate in the Bay Area. There’s no question that church real estate is valuable and likely the most valuable asset of a religious organization. As costs rise and congregations dwindle, there is a push toward maximizing the impact of
empty car lot - ideal property to turn into affordable housing in california
March 25, 2020 / Published in Faith-Based
A new housing reform seeks to remove requirements for church parking lots looking to help build affordable housing in California.
A new California bill promotes low-income housing development on surplus land. Here, we explain what school districts need to know about the new law.
March 6, 2020 / Published in Education
California’s housing crisis extends to homeless students who are vulnerable to the crisis. Here’s how school districts can respond and help.
Sumari Barnes
February 3, 2020 / Published in Company Updates
Meet Sumari Barnes of DCG Strategies, and learn more about her passion for community and learning the commercial real estate business in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Looking for workforce housing solutions? Here’s how school districts in expensive areas can attract and retain talent through workforce housing.
property management by dcg for religious buildings
December 29, 2019 / Published in Company Updates, Faith-Based
Renting out religious buildings increases obligations for your church, but working with a property management firm can reduce the stress. Read more