A new housing reform seeks to remove requirements for church parking lots looking to help build affordable housing in California.
A new California bill promotes low-income housing development on surplus land. Here, we explain what school districts need to know about the new law.
March 6, 2020 / Published in Blog, Education
California’s housing crisis extends to homeless students who are vulnerable to the crisis. Here’s how school districts can respond and help.
Sumari Barnes
February 3, 2020 / Published in Blog, Company Updates
Meet Sumari Barnes of DCG Strategies, and learn more about her passion for community and learning the commercial real estate business in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Looking for workforce housing solutions? Here’s how school districts in expensive areas can attract and retain talent through workforce housing.
property management by dcg for religious buildings
December 29, 2019 / Published in Company Updates, Faith-Based
Renting out religious buildings increases obligations for your church, but working with a property management firm can reduce the stress. Read more
teacher housing options
December 23, 2019 / Published in Company Updates, Education
In the face of an affordable housing crisis, school districts struggle to attract teachers. Here’s how one district and DCG Strategies stepped in to help.
beautiful church buildings for sale
November 29, 2019 / Published in Faith-Based
For congregations in competitive real estate markets like California, it can be difficult to balance the need for funds to support church operations and programming with the need for administrative and worship space. Right-sizing your church building is possible, and DCG Strategies has helped many religious organizations do just that. Whether you’re looking for larger
commercial real estate companies in san francisco bringing communities together
November 15, 2019 / Published in Company Updates
When Landis Graden started DCG Strategies in 2005, he saw how vital community organizations in San Francisco were struggling with limited revenue and weren’t being served by commercial real estate companies. He wanted DCG Strategies to provide expert real estate management services to community-first organizations such as nonprofits, schools, faith groups and government institutions. By
There are many options when it comes to commercial real estate companies. Check out how these groups have managed to create valuable community resources by revamping surplus real estate to better serve their neighbors.
Do you have a church for sale, or is your church struggling to support itself? You’re not alone. All across the country, churches are fighting to reconcile their changing demographics Today’s churches are learning to adapt by bringing in multiple sources of income, starting with an asset they already own: the church building. Below are
Churches are emerging as integral leaders in the struggle for affordable housing development. They often own more land than they need, and many congregations see themselves as thoughtful stewards of this property with an obligation to use it to help others. By partnering with affordable housing nonprofits, churches can gain the expertise and funding channels